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single message New VIA Nano 3000 series - Agner Fog - 2010-02-16
New VIA Nano 3000 series
Author: Agner Fog Date: 2010-02-16 08:03
A new generation of the VIA Nano processor is going to be released soon. I have tested a prerelease sample of a Nano L3050.

My tests revealed many improvements in the execution units, including bigger integer ALUs, a new integer multiplication unit, faster division, and faster encryption instructions. The basic pipeline design is still the same as in the Nano 2000 series. Cache access is only slightly improved.

The power consumption is allegedly lower in the Nano 3000 series than in the 2000 series, but no specific figures have been published and I have not measured it.

The overall performance in my tests was remarkably better than Intel's Atom on single-threaded applications, while the dual core Atom still wins on multi-threaded applications. We are still waiting for a dual core Nano!

Technical details are in my manuals at